Daytime astronomy

A more interesting day than I often have. It began at something like 3:00 AM when “people” were up jumping around turning lights on and off. WTF? Well. It’s “cold” (not) so he was closing windows and… and… and… “I found a tick!” Yick. I didn’t ask until morning but I spent the next half hour or so feeling like there were ticks in my sleeping bag. Eventually I got back to sleep.

Next up was the grockery store but that was a no-brainer. Then I opened up my work laptop and… Could not connect to the internet. I watched the VPN app spin for a while and contacted a co-worker that I was having problems and might not get to the daily standup. Until… I realized I had to go “beneath” the VPN and. Uh. Enter the password to the router. Duh. I can be soooo stooopid sometimes. This was a result of our switch to fiber optic last week.

Some lucky-shuckial folks arrived (unexpectedly) this afternoon to do some work with the new fiber optic installation. Wouldn’t you know that one of those guys is married to one of my childhood friends. One who I have “known” since we were small babies and our mooms were best friends.

My adult BFF and her husband (also a very good friend) are currently in the yooperland at their summer cabin and THEY made a trip to our Meijer today too (and lunch and I don’t remember what else). They are not close to a comprehensive grock store in their area, at least not as comprehensive as our Meijer. Sriracha? Say what? So they stopped at our place on their way home. Much gabblety gabblety ensued, most of it from me. Introvert that I am, I do have friends and it felt really good to talk to one I don’t see all that often, even in the best of times, not to mention the COVID years.

I strongly encouraged a moomincabin deck meeting today because the beach was beastly hot again. It was fine on the deck with the undertaker’s wind but the sun did get hot. After they left, the deck became a bit more shaded but then the moe-skee-toes started coming back out.

P.S. the GG may have just found another tick. I am not sleeping with him until I am sure he isn’t harboring ticks.

One Response to “Daytime astronomy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ticks can come off people onto other people? I never knew that. As you know, I’m a bit phobic about them. They are out in our woods but not common where I frequent. Glad you could figure out the set up for the internet. I wouldn’t have thought of that either.