Super heat, at least for the yooperland

I have a pretty clear memory of being something like eight and lying on the back seat of my parents’ car (no car seat of course) and being SICK. Like with a fever. A summer bug.

We were driving up (down?) Ashmun, the MAIN street in town, where all the banks and department stores were in those days. The Sault Savings Bank (not the bank my old coot worked at) had a fancy time and temperature sign and it proclaimed the temperature was 82 degrees. Back in those days, that was a high temperature for the yooperland. And since I wasn’t delirious with that fever, I can still remember it.

I don’t wanna get into global warming or what might be causing it but I can remember wearing a ski jacket up here at this time of year. This week? Not so much. It was more like 88 today and my Lyme Lounge office was hot hot hot and I finally logged off a bit early and decamped to the deck. The back of the deck where the sun doesn’t shine in the late afternoon.

I was HAPPILY interrupted from my work this morning by a visit from The Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinchy (and the GG). It was fine but they got into polly-ticks and I finally feigned work stuff. They decamped to the deck but I could still hear them talking (they were loud). They have totally different polly-tickle viewpoints. I agree more with the Grinch than the GG. A lot of the yooperland folks the Grinch hangs out with (and employs) are also at odds with his views. He’s always been one of my fave cousins and I kinda understand him but not totally and that’s probably a good thing since I don’t really want anyone to totally understand me either.

So they were loud but it was a friendly convo and it was okay. I love them both and I am so glad they (and we) are still able to talk to each other as relatives and friends even when our polly-tickle views differ.

2 Responses to “Super heat, at least for the yooperland”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It is a rare thing to be able to discuss politics from opposing viewpoints these days. I don’t think it used to be. That is HOT!! For anywhere.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I would love to talk about current politics with someone I trusted and respected and who could still vote for Trump. I’m not sure I know such a person and it would be hard in that I’m not confrontational, not a quick on my feet talker, not in full command of data to support some of my opinions. So I think it’s just a wild fantasy that such a conversation could occur.