Love, Moom

I do not shoot guns.

But I am not in the anti-gun camp.

Back in about 1995, some piece of scum was walking around randomly bludgeoning Planet Ann Arbor women and leaving them for dead (and some did die).

I like to walk. Outside. Alone.

Was I #$%@ed off?

You darn betcha!

I told a neighbor (who I’m pretty sure is anti-gun) that if every woman on the planet learned how to shoot and took turns patrolling the streets and parks, that piece of scum would no longer be a menace.

She didn’t disagree.

On the other hand, I didn’t panic last summer when a neighbor barricaded himself with a gun and the police locked down the neighborhood. I’m pretty sure he only intended to kill himself. He’s alive and I see him around and he doesn’t scare me one iota.

I don’t know what makes a person go postal and start shooting everyone in sight.

I don’t believe that outlawing guns will keep people from going postal and shooting everyone in sight.

I think guns will be always be available to anyone who really wants one.

Outlawing guns would just make it hard for reasonable, law-abiding citizens to get one.

I don’t see how that solves anything.

Random mass killers have been around since the beginning of time and they’ll be around until the sun goes super-nova.

It’s kind of like people going the wrong way on the freeway.

It’s dangerous out there.

I can’t believe I actually miss when the news was focused on a has-been talk show host and the death of a faded glamour girl and the paternity of her infant daughter. Who I hope to heck doesn’t get exploited somehow.

Be careful, little chickies.

4 Responses to “Love, Moom”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Apologies to all of my postal worker friends for using the phrase “going postal.” Y’all are wonderful and I love you. Even “Al” on Stadium.

  2. Mark Says:

    Anne I thought that you didn’t do politics on your blog?

    Well you opened the door…

    The NRA wrapped up their convention in STL today. All agreed it has been their biggest & best one ever. Personally, I think it was the twin draw of Giant Monster Trucks and the NRA that made it work. Today their executive council behind its protective screen of former secret service agents issued a communiqué of sympathy. They never apologized though…

  3. Webmomster Says:

    No politics, I’m sure. A statement on the sad state of our society that has people in it that do things like walk into a quiet campus and kill 30 (or is it more??) people before offing himself.

    Valdemort’s KKY and TBS brothers and sisters at VT are OK, but she (and her bro’s and sis’s) are heartbroken that Band Members were among the casualties – that is hitting way to close to home for them all. Thanks to the internet, KKY & TBS are keeping close tabs on the folks at VT by way of their KKY & TBS Chapters there.

  4. fran Says:

    It doesn’t matter what you say about the octos! Blog…………..Blog………………blog…………. didn’t print my morning comments and have been ocuppied a lot of the day about the awful things that happen for NO good reason…………..!

    Good pool today, good lunch, lots of thoughts about the 2007 world. Some green grass, lots of sun and warm temperatures.