Don’t feel like blahggin’

Really not feeling it. So why do it? Because there are a few people out there who expect it and might wonder what’s going on if I don’t.

So here is a starflower I grabbed a pic of this afternoon. I had been hanging out on the moomindeck WITHOUT a lot of MO-skee-TOES until I walked out into the back yard to grab a pic of this flower. Mosquitos SWARMED me back to the deck and for the next 15 minutes or so. I think I have figured out that mosquitos get disturbed when people (meeee) move around. After the aforementioned 15 minutes or so (and I had slapped a bunch of them), they left me mostly alone. I’m not sure why it took me my entire lifetime to figger this out. I will also say that at certain times of day (dusk for instance) they are just OUT THERE. I used After Bite ONCE today and that skeeter bite is long gone.

To any prospective moominbeach goers… I wanted to scour the chitchen sink today. Alas, for whatever reason I didn’t have any of my currently preferred cleanser (Barkeeper’s Friend) around. I really didn’t want to drive out to obtain it although I suspect the “new” lovely Ace Hardware in Brimley probably carries it. Anyway, the sink isn’t gross (and won’t poison anyone) but it is not scoured. I did clean the bathroom and some stove burners as needed. I doubt anyone will be up here until I return and rectify the situation. At least not anyone who cares. Just sayin’.

One Response to “Don’t feel like blahggin’”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a cool flower; it looks alien! I have some of that cleanser but I’m too far away to get it to you. 😉