Travel day

Whoof! Oh not that it was all that bad. There was hardly any traffic until I got waaaay down south. It’s a Monday, right? I did see a horrendous backup on the northbound side of US23 somewhere around the I96 interchange. I did not have to navigate that today, thank you very much.

I stopped ONCE (you can’t count the Mackinac Bridge because that’s a rolling stop when you have a commuter card). I stopped at Waters (exit 270) for gas. I saw that I had 18 text messages. There was a link to some good-looking pasta dish somewhere in there but I did not take the time to look. I just texted “Waters”, knowing the beach urchins would understand that, then I jumped back on to the southbound I75 SUV Speedway.

I was almost home and all was fine but I decided I didn’t wanna deal with the whole M14 stretch of freeway that leads onto the Planet Ann Arbor. Instead I bagged off onto the N. Territorial Road exit and navigated along the slow gravel roads in the mouse neighborhood and then home. Absolutely beautiful on the back roads north of town. Everything fully leafed out and some trees/bushes still flowering.

After I got home, I actually LOOKED at the pasta recipe in the text messages and boy oh boy did it look good. And then. The beach urchin who posted it came over and COOKED it for me. It was sooooo goooood. Lemon Artichoke Spaghetti with Bread Crumbs. It’s on my list! I had actually had a plan B since there is an Uncle Peter’s pasty in the freezer but that can wait for another night. And I will make a grock run tomorrow morning.

G’night! KW! Typos be damned.

One Response to “Travel day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ooh, I’m going to look at that spaghetti although I’m not a huge fan of lemon. I would much rather poke along on surface roads than deal with the insanity and dangers of the highway/freeway.