A whole bunch of nothing

I always forget that we have these flowers in the back yard. When I got home yesterday I looked back there and I was pretty excited to see them and thought I would get a photo. Alas when I got back there, they were past their prime, starting to look a little doggy and even worse today. So here’s one from two years ago. Apparently we were getting rain two years ago. We are not getting any rain this year. There are little dribs and drabs of it in the forecast but it feels like one of those seasons when predictions don’t come to pass. At least it isn’t very HOT, knock on wood big time. 70s are fine with me.

I have a few weeks of sorting things out here before we return to the yooperland. We are having VISITORS this summer. A young cousin who we didn’t connect with last summer and her fiance. And my PacNW cousins a little later in the summer. And Pengo who isn’t really a visitor as she is a co-owner but we have not seen much of her in the last few years, partly because of COVID but also because she has moved a couple times, lives in far-away places, and has turned into a globe-trotter.

So that’s about it. It was a pretty darn slow day but after yesterday, I think that’s what I needed. G’night.

One Response to “A whole bunch of nothing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Irises don’t last long at all. That’s a beautiful color one. We need rain! I’m very tired of watering and worried about wildfires.