While I was away…

You might have to embiggen a bit.

This is not where I live although I have certainly lived in apartment buildings and duplexes in my life. These places are one block to the west of us on the west side of N. Maple, which is a highly traveled street, unlike my little street. If I had been home when these places burned, I wouldda definitely seen and smelled the smoke. I mean it was visible all over west side Planet Ann Arbor. But I didn’t see it because I was at the moomincabin. I knew about it because of Nextdoor Neighbor, a site I kinda love to hate.

These TWO duplexes burned down last week. Yes TWO. If I have it right and I may not, somebody was burning cardboard between(?) the structures and it got outta control and vinyl siding may have been involved. But don’t quote me.

Everyone made it out alive. One adult was taken to the hoosegow for smoke inhalation and released. Neighbors grabbed three cats right away and took them to a vet for evaluation and are fine. At that time a fourth cat (Lovebug) was still missing… A bearded dragon was not located right away but was eventually found and turned out to be fine. Lovebug was not found for a few days but a cat whisperer or whatever eventually located her(?).

I am soooo glad this fire did not turn into a tragedy for anyone including the pets. I guess the fact that it happened in the afternoon may have something to do with that? I have always been nervous about fire and living in dwellings where other people (that I don’t know) also live even though I haven’t had to do that in a VERY long time. What are my fellow apartment/duplex dwellers doing?

We are soooo careful here at the Landfill but still.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Fire and its aftermath (smoke and water) are devastating. I’ve had a couple friends whose homes have been destroyed by fire due to lithium batteries–which are now in most of our electronics. Yikes.