The Buck Stops Here!

buckYes it is a terribly fuzzy photo. I am amazed that I managed to get his picture at all. Just after I took this, he started off through the woods but then a doe came along and they both stopped and I got a couple more fuzzy pictures and then I continued on down the boardwalk and they headed off into the woods for good. We were not hiking in the Great White North this weekend although some others did. We were on the Hoyt G. Post boardwalk trail in Parker Mill County Park. Our early morning hike was from the Gallup Park boat launch parking lot over to Parker Mill, around the boardwalk trail and back. Our path today was mostly paved trails that accommodate walkers, bikers, roller-bladers, strollers, and wheelchairs and it’s best to get out early before the crowds come out. Unless you like crowds, that is, but I don’t. It’s an urban hike. But we weren’t all that surprised to see deer so close to the trail because we have a whole lot of deer around here. Mouse (I think it was Mouse) even saw one east of the Dexter/N. Maple intersection once. That is seriously *inside* our city. I think these deer were not afraid of us because they are more or less used to people.

We saw a lot of other beasties too. A vole that wouldn’t hang around long enough for a photo. Rabbits. Swans and lots and lots of geese and ducks. Red winged blackbirds. Goldfinches. A mourning dove sitting on the railroad tracks. Shirrels Sirkirs Squirrels and chippies but those are everywhere. Just ask the GG. He says chipmunks are coming from two blocks away to feast at his bird feeder in the back yard. I’m not sure how he knows where they’re coming from. He just says, “I see ’em coming across the street.” Okaaaaaayyy…. And of course there were all kinds of plants, some of which I can identify, most not. I posted some photos on facebook and a FB friend asked about the mulberries. Mulberries? Say what? Is that what those red berries were? Who knew? Not old Black Thumb Banana.

We I almost chickened out this morning. When my alarm went off at 5:30 AM, I reached for my phone to check the weather forecast. It said rain by seven and thunderstorms by 10. I can handle a little rain but I do not walk in lightning storms. Lightning is unpredictable and I am a chicken. As it turned out, the sun was out the whole time and when we got back to our vee-hickle at nine, clouds were just starting to roll in. And here it is after four in the afternoon and we’re finally getting some rain. No thunder. Anyway, the rest of the day was not worth writing about. You do NOT want to read any kind of a rant from me about extraneous styles or broken document maps. So, click here or on the buck for more.

Oh, and we have a newspaper today! Two days a week, Sunday and Thursday. Some like it better than others. I haven’t read it yet. So, we’ll see…

One Response to “The Buck Stops Here!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Do I want to ask what a document map is? *ducking* We need some rain here and a break from mid 90 degree temps. We are sadly lacking in AC! I am not a fan of the urban hike; we took one before Ashley left for Africa and I felt like I was going to get mowed down by roller bladers and bicyclists at every step. It was NOT relaxing!!