Mr. Butt Dial

Today was the second day in a row that the GG called me while I driving Cygnus. Cygnus has easy-to-use in-car phone technology but when a phone call comes in, this what happens: First whatever is on the radio / map screen blinks out and the sound stops. It is replaced by a big bright incoming call screen. Then the assigned ring-tone starts up. IT IS LOUD! Much louder than the radio. The ring tone I have assigned to the GG is what the iPhone calls “SCI-FI” and it is a whistling noise. Did I mention it was LOUD? Back when I worked across the wall from W1.5, the GG called one day and W1.5 was just about rolling on the floor laughing. Yeah that’s just my goofy husband’s ringtone. But it isn’t LOUD on my phone.

Anyway, phones have been annoying to me for most of my life. Maybe not back when my friends Laurie or Helen called to make playdates or my grandparents were calling. That was fun and it made me feel grown up to know I could answer a telephone call politely. But they have mostly been an annoyance as an adult. I am SOOOOO glad the iPhone allows me to ignore anything coming from a number I don’t know.

Alas, I can’t really ignore the GG but it is still startling and when I drive, I focus on the ROAD! So. Yesterday he actually had a QUESTION and I had a brief conversation with him before I had to deal with a construction situation on Huron River Drive. Today… doo-doo-dooooooo-doo-doo-doo. Yes? Nothing. Hello? Random noises. Helllll-ooooo? More random noises. All right. I am in fairly heavy traffic, I am hanging up. I did not call back.

Farmers market bright and early this morning. NO SHELLING PEAS YET! I didn’t get much, just some asparagus (still in season here) and greens (kale and spinach). I have a good sea scallop recipe that calls for greens and now is the time.

Of all things, I have now heard officially from Mr. Butt Dial. He has apparently butt dialed MULTIPLE PEOPLE today. The problem is misty-type precipitation that keeps his screen damp.

One Response to “Mr. Butt Dial”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have my phone in my purse or a front pocket where I rarely butt dial anyone. However, I have been on the receiving END 😉 of several.