Catch 22

I love technology when it works. I had the oddest experience with my plum app this morning. It’s one of those grock apps that earns you points or whatever and every once in a while, you get $10 off your order. I have been using this app absolutely forever, waaaay pre-COVID. It also allowed me to order curbside pickup grocks during the pandemic.

It NEVER fails. Today. I had all of the grocks I was gonna get so I tapped the app to open it. It crashed. I couldn’t open it again so I restarted my phone. This time it opened but I was logged out. I looked up my login info and tried to log in but my credentials were “invalid”. So I clicked forgot password and entered my email. If we have your email in our system, we’ll send you an email. Open email app. Refresh refresh refresh. Nothing. Tried to set up a new account. That email is already in our system. Catch 22.

I get this. I’ve spent a lot of time lately designing login authentication functionality. Although we don’t use forgot password. If you’ve f*cked up logging in to our product, you need to call someone and you need to know who that someone is because their phone number will not show up in the user interface. This is one of the many ways we protect our users from fraud. It’s a Sunday and plum probably won’t get this issue fixed until I’m guessing sometime during the week. And that’s okay for reasons too long and boring to write about.

These alpacas, which I thought were llamas, are nothing new. They are at the corner of Zeeb and Gregory and sometimes they are out but most of the time they are not. The photo is one my mouse texted me at some point in the last few days. I have taken their picture before but who knows where it is and anyway this is probably a MUCH better photo than whatever I took.

WE HAVE RAIN!!! FINALLY! We haven’t had rain in weeks. Amazingly I have not had to water flowers a lot. I think that’s because it also hasn’t been HOT HOT HOT. If we hadn’t gotten rain today, I was gonna water them. It held off until afternoon but we did get it and while it hasn’t been a deluge, it is a good soaking rain.

One Response to “Catch 22”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m having some wonky experiences with my grocery app too. It’s making me choose a store which used to be saved automatically.