June rain

First, my mouse texted this lady slipper pic to me earlier today. These lady slippers are not like the ones at the moominbeach (same genus, different species) but they are beautiful.

My beach urchins cooked me dinner tonight. I bought most of the food this morning, following the grock list they sent me. A version of “I’ll buy, you fly” from the days of my youth when Marvin Chard Schmucker and other friends would send me up to the bar to get another couple of beers. It was FUN though and since my fave cashier Joyce was there and had no line, I eschewed the U-scan. She asked, “Are you mad at the U-scan?” 🤣

I had a good but interesting work day but by the end of it I was like, uuhhhhh… The best thing that happened today was that I got the amazing news that it sounds like my team will be developing a mobile app. This will be our first and although I am excited, it is also a wee bit scary. That was just an email and we won’t be starting on that prodject for a while. A meeting about an ongoing prodject in the late afternoon was good but left me psychologically exhausted.

It was so much fun to hang out with my adult children tonight and reminisce about all kinds of stuff. After they left, a nice soaking kind of rain set in. My flowers should be good for a few more days at this rate.

One Response to “June rain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My older daughter made dinner last night for John and a couple other friends. She’s a great cook! Love those lady slippers.