From the yooperland

Snapping turtles laying eggs anyone? This is yesterday’s photooo from the GG.

The GG, Joan, and David are wrapping up their hiking trip and next week I will no longer be Moom Alone. It was really odd today that I opened up my laptop to a chat from a fellow team member who politely informed me that there was a lot of background noise from my laptop in meetings yesterday. He mentioned conversations and TV noise. I was chagrined at this because, um, conversations? I was the only person in the house (and I was not talking to myself, at least not during any meetings). TV? I don’t watch TV. He doesn’t know that of course but I do run NPR in the background. I usually have the volume so low that I can’t really hear it and it is in the kitchen, so not right next to me.

Still. Yesterday, I had some idea that I actually wanted to listen to the Orange Baboon get indicted or whatever it was that happened. That happened at the same time as a meeting. So I had the radio volume up just a wee bit. I did not in fact hear the OB thing but I’m not sure I missed much of anything because apparently it lasted long enough for him to plead not guilty, then fly off to Bedminster to do one of his bombastic word-salady speeches and commiserate with his minions. People of little brain and that’s as far as I’ll go with that, at least today. But my hearing is acute and my radio was not loud and not in the room where I work.

Today I had to wonder if the “noise” that was coming from me was the many LOUD birds that inhabit my yard. I have been asked about that before but that time the person who heard them recognized bird noise and thought maybe I had PET birds. Nope. I do not have pets. But the birds in my yard at this time of year sing LOUDLY and some of them operatically.

At the end of my work day today, I was in the back yard and there was a big bird “fight” or whatever, involving crows and I’m not even sure what else. I don’t think hawks were involved and I really couldn’t follow what was going on.

2 Responses to “From the yooperland”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Perhaps we aren’t as aware of background noise as those on the other end of the computer link. I’m listening to some noisy birds right now and aware of it but wouldn’t necessarily be if I were focused in some sort of meeting.

  2. Isa Says:

    Mute yourself when not talking?