My flowers are happy! Hooray!

This was a pretty good gully washer and man oh man did we need it. Light rain came through this morning and thunderstorms were predicted but here in the Great Lake State, ya nevah know if yer really gonna get tstorms or not. It looked pretty darn iffy today but we got a pretty good one late this afternoon. It wasn’t quiiiite severe but there was a lot of thunder and my noisy bird cohabitants were quiet for the duration.

I lost power twice. One was just a flicker, the second a couple seconds. I had to turn my radio back on, reset Gertrude’s clock and reset the color of one of my strings of LED lights. There’s an app for that but it is clunky in terms of user experience. So far (knock on wood) Gertrude is not having a seizure so I haven’t had to go down and toggle her circuit breaker.

The City Mouse did lose power and I haven’t heard if it’s back yet. She lives in a neighborhood that has been hit HARD with power outages this year. People have lost appliances. Her refrigerator had to be replaced. The power company provides NOTHING for burned out appliances. I don’t really understand how the power company can get away with this but I’m sure there are all kinds of rules and regs in place.

Anyway the rain is done for now (and who knows how long it’ll be until we get more) and I am sitting in my backyard enjoying the early evening with leftovers heating in Gertrude. And having my “daily” sneezing fit. IT IS NOT COVID AND IT IS NOT ALLERGIES.

One Response to “My flowers are happy! Hooray!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m hoping that we get more rain because I’m already fed up with watering! I want nature to do it.