Here’s a view of the moominkitchen. The adult is my daughter and the child is one of my many first cousins twice-removed (aka my cousin’s grandchild). This one happens to be Cap’n QUEEN Leila and they are making corn chowder from The Commander’s recipe. I took the pic from the living room, staying outta the fray. As I try to do although they were having a good time and all was calm.

Maybe you can imagine a grandmother managing four granddaughters standing on stools (and dragging them around) in that small space. And some butt dancing.

I posted this pic on facebook once upon a time and a lifelong friend of mine who also spent summers on the moominbeach asked who the child was. She told me C*Q*L reminded her of MEEEEE when I was young and yes, we share some DNA. For one thing? That HAIR? That hair is MY HAIR. How the heck did she get MY HAIR? 🧡

C*Q*L is well ensconced in her teenage years now. As near as I can figger, she’s been a “teenager” since about the age of three but maybe that’s because her older siblings are a set of triplets? Whatever, she is and always has been a FORCE OF NATURE.

We haven’t seen C*Q*L frequently since covid and also her family moved out of her branch of the family’s cabin next door but I know she is TALL now. Probably taller than anyone in my little fambly. Definitely no longer in need of a stool to help with corn chowder at the moomincabin although I bet that’s the last thing she’s thinking about doing these days.

Height is another genetic puzzle. My dad was six feet and he is the tallest FinFam member in recent generations (I think) but I have been told that his grandfather was 6’5″. C*Q*L’s “papa” (my cousin’s husband) is also over six feet and her mom is pretty tall too. My great grandmother was apparently very small but their early married life in northern Saskatchewan would be a whole ‘nother story. And a third hand report. My dad’s grandfather died on a fur trapping expedition (in the 1880s) when his children were very young.

So I dunno how it all works but I am glad to have all of these beautiful and wonderful people in my life and I am so happy that our grandfather bought our beach 100 years ago and we still own it. I don’t care how tall or short we are or what our hair is like or what color our skin is although most of us are pretty WASPy in terms of that…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s interesting and fun to see traits passed down to the younger generation. (as long as they’re good ones!) One of my cousins whose mom was tall and that uncle was too has a daughter 6’4 and her sons 6’8. Her late husband was also tall. I feel like a shrimp next to them! My grandfather and his side of the family were short so we too have quite a mix.