Laundry basket just to keep it real

I’m a little conflicted about whether this should be on my blahg or not but when I went grock shopping today I was at the uScan and the guest counter person recognized me and gave me the employee discount even though “my” employee was not there today.

I know that this discount is extended to me but I NEVER ask for it. I’m not Warren Buffet but I’m affluent enough that I don’t really need it. I wish there was a way to pass this kind of “perk” along to someone who needs it. Once I was in line behind a young man trying to pay for a few grocks with some kind of plastic “welfare” card. It was from another state (I think) so the system wouldn’t take it. I sneaked past him and ran my own debit card through the swiper. I told him to pay it forward someday. I would do that for someone again in a heartbeat.

Life can be so hard for so many people. You can talk all you want about people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps but there are folks who don’t really have any bootstraps. I’m not sure what a bootstrap is in any case, maybe I should google it. The Commander used to tell me her father, who I called Funny Granddaddy when I was small (he made what we now call dad jokes), believed people should be given a million dollars (or whatever) when they were 21. OF COURSE, a lot of people (of any age) would squander a large amount of money like that but I think the point was more that if you pay people a decent wage, more of them might become productive, positive members of society. I know there are “welfare queens” and other scammers out there but I think most people are trying to do their best. I’m not sure I have made a point but I think about this stuff from time to time… And struggle with it…

As ambivalent as I am about getting a discount I don’t really need, I was of course appreciative about being treated so graciously this morning. I have worked as a cashier. I loved it but I know what those folks have to put up with from customers and I ALWAYS try to be uber friendly. They deserve higher pay. (I was paid $1.75 an hour when I started my first cashier job but that was a long time ago and it was a summer job and I was living with my parents who basically paid for EVERYTHING I needed.)

The pic is a random one of my daughters and cousins of various degrees crowded into the moomincabin one evening eight years ago. The Commander always loved when piles of people were crowded into that small space and I must’ve had a laundry trip planned for the next morning.

We are having eggplant parm except minus the parm because… I checked the fridge for parm this morning. There was a partial tub of shredded parm in there. I inspected it through the translucent plastic. It looked okay. When I OPENED it this evening, there were flecks of GREEN in there. Nope. I threw it out. It’ll work, the dish I mean, there is mozzarella underneath the tomato sauce and I bought that today.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Some people would squander that money but many wouldn’t. They would get further education, buy a house, travel and/or put some of it in the bank. Poverty makes for anger and desperation, not good for the people or society in general. In my humble opinion.