A real radical (shout it through the woods)

I dunno. I’ve heard that women tend to get more liberal as they grow older. I have always been at least somewhat liberal but in the last few years I seem to move more and more toward the liberal progressive end of things. In particular I adamantly think people should be treated equally no matter what their skin color, gender, age, religion, whatever is. But I do not think they are. Local polly-ticks are currently making an attempt to change that by forbidding police to pull over folks with broken taillights, etc., and it has caused the typical firestorms on next door neighbor, et al.

I don’t think I have the “chops” to go into it all that deeply tonight but I am not afraid that a Black guy with a broken taillight who is not pulled over is going to break into my house and murder me. Apparently tickets can be mailed to offenders. The idea is to keep the police from kneeling on somebody’s neck until they die. Etc. Disclaimers: I do think people should keep their taillights, etc., in working order. But I don’t think a broken taillight is a good indicator of a murderous person.

Years and years ago at the moomincabin, a guy we know as Mean Gene was looking for The Grinch at Radical Betty’s house. The Grinch was not there but Radical stood on her back (second story) deck and had a shouted (friendly) conversation with Mean Gene. A (beloved) person next door overheard whatever it was they were talking about and shouted, “SHE’S A REAL RADICAL!”

Yes. I have some of the same DNA as Radical Betty did (she was my aunt) although I am not even half the person she was. But she, like The Commander, identified as a republican in earlier years. The republican party began its inexorable march to the right and my matriarchs did not march with it. They would be horrified at what the GOP has turned into now. Are we social justice warriors? I dunno but we all care/cared about the welfare of others no matter what they look like or believe. Isn’t that why this country was started in the beginning? I am starting to get more vocal about this as I age so watch out.

I had a run-in with Mean Gene on the moominbeach when I was very young. I escaped his unwanted advances because I could run faster than him and knew the paths through the woods. I (silently) made my peace with him many years later at Radical Betty’s memorial event. He held no threat for me any more and my fear and anger evaporated into thin air. Stories for another day.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Although I used to consider myself a moderate and “live and let live” type, circumstances and the swing of the GOP to the far right has made me a straight ticket voter these days. I used to vote for some Republicans. Now, even in WA, they’re scary.