Tie-dye is the new bizcaz

Has been since March 13, 2020 although this pic is from 2010. It’s a good thing my work team doesn’t require us to meet live because then I would have to dress up a bit more, I guess. And put some makeup on, maybe. Early in the pandemic my then boss Amazon Woman said, “I don’t want anybody looking at me this morning.” YES!!! Other teams do different things. Whatever. So they see ME but as KennyP took my pic for my work badge waaaay back before COVID. It is actually a good pic so yay for KennyP! And I am wearing what used to be bizcaz for me, understated COMFORTABLE mix-ables bought online from Chicos and JJill, etc. Elastic waist skirts! I’m a skirt gal and don’t do pants except for smartwool leggings which are an UNDERlayer.

I could tell a few stories about my family and tie-dyed t-shirts but to make this short, the other half of my post-covid bizcaz outfit is long skirts. In the 2021 mid-summer covid “lull”, between the original vaxxing and omicron, we entertained various cousins and their friends and SOs at the moomincabin. I ordered covid tests and the Fedex gal that delivered them LOVED my outfit. Tie-dyed t-shirt and long blue tiered skirt. I told her that I was telecommuting and that was my work outfit. She nicely asked me if there was a preferred way to get her truck out of our “parking lot”. I replied that: 1) she was certainly better at managing that weird parking lot than I was and she could do whatever she needed to do. 2) She was lucky that *I* was the only person there at the time because she didn’t have to deal with umpty-nine-bazillion automative vee-hickles and the Lyme Lounge. She was easily able to navigate our parking lot and managed to do it again later that summer when my frickin’ work laptop died and Amazon Woman had to send me the team’s extra laptop. The Fedex gal and I were kinda old friends by then and she knew how to navigate our parking lot but I think I was STILL the only person/car there.

I was up early today and down to the farmers market where I got yet another four quarts of shelling peas, some greens, and sea scallops at Monahan’s. I spent quite a long time shelling peas today and also cleaned out most of the refrigerator. Heading north on Thursday and not sure when I will be back although others will be around. But I’ll still be online because FIBER OPTIC. Of course I’ve been online via a good DSL for YEARS but I’m happy that the yooperland is moving into the future.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the tie dye shirt; my grandson made one at daycare the other day. I was relieved he didn’t want to so here as I remember many messes from when Ashley wanted to make them in high school. Is the “parking lot” tricky–or just for delivery trucks?