Counting Sheep Prime Numbers

Who do we know? Hint:


4 Responses to “Counting Sheep Prime Numbers”

  1. webmomster Says:

    AHA! The Hot Chick with the Red Bike!!

  2. Mark Says:

    The would be the Prime Pooh in Pebble Beach, CA, last Friday. Note the Lone Cypress in the background.

    OBTW – Cool Bike!

  3. Jay Says:

    I have been known to write to get the thoughts that are keeping me awake out of my head. But since turning on a light might mean more of us are awake sometimes the writing covers the same space more than one time. Goodness knows how many life-altering inspirations have been lost.

  4. Webmomster Says:

    hm… and I have to re-position two dogs periodically throughout the night…

    generally, I have a cacophony going on in my head – thoughts, ideas, endless looping of a few bars of music – all at one time, sadly enough. Add to that hot feet (! – they used to be icicles) and Pack Aminals who literally pack IN TIGHT. Then, there’s the tinnitus that makes for some rather interesting listening (is that a siren? er, no – no rattlesnakes, here…etc.).

    I used to try to count sheep, but I gave that up when I was regularly reaching well into the 100s of thousands every time…. number sequences – until my ADD thought patterns would go tangential … now I wonder if the jets going in & out of Bishop Airport will land on my roof (some sound THAT close) … guess I’m an insomniac (except when I go north, that is).