A Few Things, Well One Thing

First of all, to anyone who, like me, is half-listening to the news today, Mouse is in Kalamazoo and is fine. A student at Kalamazoo Valley Community College wrote something threatening in his blog and they shut that school down for the day. Mouse does not attend KVCC and her college was not shut down. I just talked to her, the reason for the call being totally unrelated to the news. The person of interest in the case has already been apprehended. (UPDATE: and released, since he was able to convince the police he was just joking around.) I’m sure this kind of stuff is happening all over the country.

Maybe more later, maybe not. I’m immersed in creating an absolutely loverly little Flash game featuring a frog, a mouse, and a piece of cheese. I’m sure y’all are just dying to play it. 😉

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