Who ate my flowers?

I potted three of these things with impatiens when we came up here for the Memorial Day weekend. They were still doing well a few weeks later when the GG did a drive-by on his way from hiking the yooperland North Country Trail back to the Planet Ann Arbor. When we arrived maybe 10 days later they were gone.

I blame Heinrich the snowshoe hare. I see him hopping about the yard nearly every day. Potting flowers here is always a risk because we aren’t usually around to make sure they thrive. Like this year it was dry dry dry for weeks and weeks. Then there was the year I potted the flowers and the temperature went down into the upper 20s that night and I had to haul the pots inside the moomincabin. They survived that year. This year not too much. That is they survived the DRY but not Heinrich.

This morning was another grock trip. This time I bought tons of perishable food and since it was early, there was a staffed cashier without a line. So I eschewed the U-scan. Man oh man those cashier gals were FAST. I put my bags and my grocks on the conveyor belt and WHOOSH! I was outta there PDQ.

I did a lot of cooking prep this morning and then a lot of time on the deck in the afternoon reading and watching popup thunderstorms blow through. Beautiful variable weather today. And that is about all today.

P.S. Hahaha. I made potato salad for tonight and I was nervous about whether it was any good or not. Multiple people have now gone back for seconds!

One Response to “Who ate my flowers?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to make my potato salad too! It also gets rave reviews. Poor plants! But the bunny got quite a treat.