[Wo]Man plans, the gods laugh

The idea was to hit up the grock store on the early side. You know, before all the holiday weekend revelers get there to stock up. This did not exactly happen. A MUCH needed severe thunderstorm rolled through instead. That wouldn’t have precluded a grock trip but the power outage it caused gave me pause.

We are a bit gun shy about power outages because The Planet Ann Arbor, particularly our daughter’s neighborhood, has had MULTIPLE outages since about February. They have frequently lasted DAYS and people lost appliances and things. DTE (Ann Arbor’s power company) keeps telling people to get whole house surge protectors but those keep failing.

So. How long was this gonna last? If we don’t have power here, we also lose running water (although Lake Superior is a short walk to the beach). But we are going to have innumerable visitors in and out this week and we will need RUNNING water. Through pipes. Not the kind where you grab a bucket, run down to the lake, fill it up, and run back up. And what about the beaucoup bucks packages of filet mignon in the freezer?

The storm moved through slowly but finally the rain at the moominbeach let up and there was a bit of light in the west. I headed to town, the plan at this point being to get the non-perishable items on my list. My brain was buzzing with how to keep up with enough ice to keep the filet frozen. The storm had left the moominbeach but it and I were both heading east and it was going a bit slower than I was so I kept catching up with it. There were times it was raining so hard I could hardly see anything and I was glad I was on our little back roads with hardly any traffic. The freeway wouldn’t have been fun.

I made it to Meijer just as the rain slowed significantly. I had told the GG to text me if the power came back on and he did but I was probably going thru the U-scan when the text came in because I didn’t notice it until I got back into Cygnus. There was no way I was going back inside the store. To be honest, I figgered from the beginning I’d end up making another trip tomorrow, power outage or not. And yes, I need to get corn chowder ingredients, which were not on my list this morning🤣

In the end, we lost power for maybe an hour. We have Cloverland Electric up here, not DTE, and they were ON IT!

One Response to “[Wo]Man plans, the gods laugh”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Power outages, ugh! I hate them and it does seem like your daughter has suffered from too many of them.