Couchman! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Couchman!

So we got on the road at 7:43 this morning. The only reason I know that is because Cygnus X-1 notifies me each hour that I have been driving without turning off the ignition. Today at four hours, I happened to look at the clock and it was 11:43. It was hazy on the Planet Ann Arbor this morning but I didn’t think about it much until we got south of Flint and it was getting hazier and hazier and darker and darker. I had air quality on my brain (doesn’t everybody?). But then a few raindrops hit my veeendsheeld. Oh, it’s a RAINSTORM. That’s why it’s so dark.

So for maybe a half hour, I/we navigated heavy rain and crazy drivers (me at least). When it started to clear up, the GG called Cygnus to ask if I was okay(????) Well yes of course! What mile marker was I at? Well, 184. Which was EXACTLY where he was. So I was barely behind him but we couldn’t see each other for a while because of intervening traffic. THE GOOD NEWS! I SEEM to have conquered my pandemic-related lack of driving confidence. (Knock on wood.)

When we arrived at the moomin, our super-hero Couchman swung into action. He unloaded all 23 boxes of couch onto the deck and here are some of them.

Here he is about to begin zee cloning.

Mid prodject.

Around this time I was on the [hot and buggy] beach. Our cousin-neighbors came down and asked something like was I helping with this prodject or was it a one-man prodject? Well. Definitely it was a one-man prodject. My brain waves do NOT match those of the GG at least not for this kind of prodject. I was further asked if the Uncly Uncle were here, would it be a two-man prodject? Yes yes yes.

At this point the prodject was finished except for getting rid of the old furniture and breaking down the cardboard boxes for recycling. Le Marquis was also taking a pic so that’s his cam on the right.

A bit later the beach urchins asked if the GG was napping on the new couch. He wasn’t (yet). He was out on the deck processing cardboard for recycling. The old futon (fate not totally known) is under the tarp, which was provided by Le Marquis.

One Response to “Couchman! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Couchman!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rain is good for AQ and the new couch looks GREAT!