In the tipping point

A question today was something like, “Moom are you feeling more ready?” Yes but I’m in that tipping point. The one where I have to transition from my beloved adult home to my childhood home. It is so beautiful in my Planet Ann Arbor back yard this evening, The birds are singing up a storm and it isn’t all that hot.

But we are leaving tomorrow nevertheless and I will be so happy to get to the moominbeach and then, whenever I decide to come back down south, I will struggle with that.

I talked to one of my sweet Indian-American dev colleagues at the end of today. I was kind of done done done. He is pretty much in that mode too as he is leaving for Paris Friday night and spending the next couple weeks in Paris and I think the south of France. Most of his trips are to see his family in India but he likes to travel in general and this will be a different kind of trip. He said he told his college-age daughter (I remember the day he was late to work so he could take her to kindergarten) to plan the trip and he would follow along. I did a similar thing when my daughter said something like, “Moom, we need a new couch at the moomincabin.” I told her to figger it out and the bank of Moom/Grandma would pay for it. It’s what The Commander would have wanted.

So this is what the moomin living room looks like right now (this is a few weeks ago). The GG is napping on a BROKEN futon and that other piece of furniture is soooo uncomfortable. It isn’t long enough for someone other than Tyrion Lannister to take a nap on and even though he would fit, he definitely deserves a more comfortable spot. I have fallen asleep there before but I was all folded up when I did.

My brother and his wife engineered the futon and the other piece of furniture. I’m not being snarky because they were really trying to to make things better at the moomin. My parents were for some reason accustomed to accepting donations from other people, I think because when we built the place they did not have a lot of money and were happy to accept hand-me-downs. I don’t remember ever having a problem with this. I was a kid then and furniture was furniture and I was outside as much as possible so furniture?

We got Chinese takeout tonight, enough for tomorrow night too. We are basking a bit in our back yard gearing up for tomorrow’s trip.

G’night, KW

One Response to “In the tipping point”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Transitions, they can be tricky at times. You have two wonderful places and soon the moomin living room will be much more comfortable to hang out in. Safe travels!