My main chore/errand today was to pick up a bunch of filet mignon. It’s in the freezer and I’m gonna haul it all up to the moomin for a big shebang we’re throwing next week. It’s not like I can’t buy it up in the yooperland but the supply is more reliable down here on the Planet. I told the butcher I was not going to look at the price 🤣. I’ll just say that this is one time I appreciated getting the employee discount.

Other than that I was pretty stressed out most of the day except when the GG was off visiting FlaMan. There’s too much to pack and I’m almost afraid to look at what’s in Cygnus and how it’s situated. And the GG is often frenetic when he is [over]packing. And then work was more stressful than usual as everybody is trying to get stuff done during a constant vacation rotation. Most of us have tons of paid time off and you have to use it within the year or lose it so we definitely take it. I have told dev and others something like 100 times when I will be out 🤣 and I have an O-O-O message in my email signature and people are still asking me.

The GG just now asked me if there was anything HE could do tomorrow. Y’know, to “help” me. I am so scattered I couldn’t think of ANYTHING. Except laundry. I guess that’s a start. I mean I usually do most of the laundry but what the heck. He is certainly capable of doing laundry. When you are from a family of 10 siblings, you learn early so your clothes don’t disappear. The beach urchins also learned early, even though there are only two of them. Thinking back, laundry day at the moomin was always an EVENT, where The Commander and I would take them to the laundromat. Lunch and other activities were often involved.

I am rambling incoherently now so I’ll say g’night. You’re welcome!

2 Responses to “Steakmania”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That was a thoughtful offer by the GG! I’ve never had much to do with laundromats but if a lunch out was involved, I would enjoy that! I like very little red meat so I’m not sure about filet mignon. I do like prime rib though–is it similar?

  2. le Marquis Says:

    Back in the day, we had OOTO headline messages that appear before a holiday weekend. First, one, then two, then many more.