A day of stramashes

The first stramash actually began last night, when power went out in the Waterhill neighborhood. And didn’t come back on. Here at the Landfill, we had four BRIEF outages yesterday, one of them hours before any storms rolled through. The City Mouse was still without this morning. And her office was also out although that was not indicated on the power company site so she schlepped over there not knowing. In the end, I had my fave co-worker here at the Landfill today starting mid-morning.

The second stramash began when a truck delivered our new IKEA couch. This couch is not for the Landfill. We are taking it up to the moomincabin to replace the EXTREMELY uncomfortable living room furniture that we’ve been living with for DECADES. The City Mouse arranged all of this. I was happy about that mainly because I HATE picking out furniture. A secondary reason is not blahggable. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate that my “baby” has grown up to be such a wonderful responsible person, even though she had to endure meeeee as a mother.

The folks that delivered the couch tried to do a dump and run. They put everything in the driveway (in the rain) but did not verify with us that they had delivered all 23 pieces (it’s a sectional). The GG chased the truck down the street. Fortunately there is a stop sign at the end of our short block so he was able to catch them. As it turned out, they found a couple more of the 23 pieces still in the truck. A second issue is that we got an extra of another piece. Or something. What was delivered did not match up with what was sent.

In the end, after talking to IKEA, the GG arranged to drive to the nearest store (a half hour away) and exchange extra pieces for missing pieces. The last thing we wanted to happen was to arrive in the yooperland with an incomplete couch. In the end, it all worked out. The delivery guys were [very unfriendly] contractors, NOT IKEA employees. The IKEA employees were great!

The only remaining issue I have is that we are hauling these things up via several vee-hickles and Cygnus is currently loaded such that I cannot see out the rearview mirror. I can get grocks without the rearview mirror but I will NOT drive to the yooperland without it. I wanted us to rent a trailer but it is $400. I was okay with paying that amount and The Commander would also have been but no one else is so I decided to stay outta the fray.

At the end of the day, we had a ‘hattan in the back yard and I sent the City Mouse home with a second one in one of the jars I make overnight oats in. It has a lid that closes tightly.

One Response to “A day of stramashes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ve reinforced my fear about IKEA anything–the huge number of pieces. 23 isn’t too bad and there were still some missing?? When Ashley and Ryan’s household goods arrived from New York, there was something on the truck that didn’t belong. Luckily, everything was numbered and Ashley alerted the crew (who were extremely nice) of the issue.