…aaaannnd continued

Okay, it was “neurons”, not “neutrons” that weren’t firing. Saturday night, there was a brief conversation about what to have for dinner *Sunday* night (i.e., the next night). The beach urchins said something about a chicken dish and yer fav-o-rite blahgger’s takeaway was that we HAD a plan for dinner and she did not need to be involved.

The next *morning* (Sunday), some of our cousins were heading in to town to explore the Sault Meijer and get a few grocks. They asked MULTIPLE times if they could pick something up. Our “neutrons” continued to fail to fire and we kept saying no. *Finally* after they left, we realized that we HAD NO PLAN for dinner! It was okay. The beach urchins got a list together and texted our cousins and they saved the day.

Our “neutrons” are now firing a bit more normally, the dish was Lebanese Chicken with 7-spice, and it was fantastic. Since we only have one oven here, we cooked the chicken on the grill. I should say the GG and Lizard Breath cooked the chicken on the grill.

We now have eight out of nine people here including Pengo Janetto who arrived from Hawaii and California and Laos and who knows where else late Saturday night. She is a world traveler these days. Since I was fast asleep in the Lyme Lounge when she arrived, no muskellunges were flung although I’m sure there was plenty of giggling.

And that’s about it for now🐸

One Response to “…aaaannnd continued”

  1. Margaret Says:

    While you were having your Lebanese chicken I was having an Ethiopian chicken dish with a cake made from a recipe from Mozambique. Older Daughter likes to cook exotic dishes and John and I enjoy sampling them! Sounds like a great crowd out there; hope the weather is cooperating.