A blur of Republicans and meat

So yesterday was a certain holiday all its own, an anniversary of more years than I am strong enough to count. This was the main thing on the menu. There are actually 16 of these little filets (yes really, it’s a big bowl) but it turned out that they couldn’t all fit on the grill so we put some of them back in the freezer for another occasion. We still had plenty. I managed to unwrap them and discard the butcher paper before the GG could catch the price. I knew he would get sticker shock🤣 Cheaper than some fancy trip somewhere though.

We had a pretty darn good party with everybody staying at the moomin plus a few cousin-neighbors. 12 people and my favorite way to celebrate any kind of anniversary is to treat others to food or whatever. Paying it forward, successful failures that we are.

Our young cousin and her fiance left this morning (they are WONDERFUL guests) and then… What are we gonna have for dinner tonight? An ongoing problem, We still have seven people to feed. Two of the beach urchins (there are three here) and a significant other made a grock run. I can’t say enough times how nice it is to have capable ADULT beach urchins around to help with meal planning and cooking. I was thinking about how I was about the beach urchins age when I started doing more of the cooking and shopping, etc. here at the moomin when we had a crowd. The Commander still paid for most of the grocks and Bank of Moom is doing whatever of that people will let her. Lots easier these days with venmo, etc.

I don’t often post pics of PEOPLE lest they think they look fugly but here’s a little glimpse of a cousin, a niece, and both daughters. I don’t think anyone looks fugly but then I’m not in the pic.

Meat? Yes we had tons of meat. Republicans? I don’t think there was anyone at this party who is a registered member of any polly-tickle party but I could be wrong. I know that when Hilary was running I actually bought some of her campaign paraphernalia. I bought it to counteract the Trump magnet someone stuck on the Lyme Lounge as a prank. Alas, I was endlessly spammed by Democratic party emails. I vote exclusively for Dems these days but I won’t join a party. I think there MIGHT have been ONE person at our party who votes Republican. It is not anyone in the pic.

Today? Hot hot hot. But the forecast is for cooler temps the next couple days and maybe t-storms tomorrow? I don’t know anything about the air quality but the fire danger is significantly down so that is a good thing.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like a wonderful group! Hot here too and bad AQ, probably due to the infernal fireworks.