We have a garage

Those are the words The Commander spoke to me after my brother and dad had both died. It was my brother’s idea to build a fancy garage here at the moomincabin. My brother was a Car Guy. Legitimately, as he was an automotive engineer, not just an aficionado.

Some of us were not crazy about the garage idea. That included The Commander. I think. My idea was to build a bunk/bath house. More sleeping space and a second bathroom. Alas, even I knew that the plumbing involved was probably beyond what we could do, at least at that time.

I looked my mother in the eye and said something like, “Yes, we have a garage. And that’s a GOOD thing.”

And it is. It served as a storage space and staging area when The Commander died and we were dealing with all of the stuff from the Dillon House, aka Grandma’s Other House The Real House Where She Lives Some of the Days. It stores various trailers and botes and things, including some owned by various cousin-neighbors. It provides an extra bit of parking space when we have umpteen bazillion people (and their vee-hickles) around. Those are our vee-hickles in the pic, Mooon Yooonit and Cygnus X-1. And it is barely visible from the moomincabin because of all the trees.

And it is a FANTASTIC space for the GG. He loves to hang out in the garage. When people drive by when he’s out there, they often stop to talk so it’s kinda like the corner coffee shop. This morning after the beach urchins left to do Brimley-style errands, the GG was heading out the door and I asked, “Where-ya goin’?” Well. He was going to the garage where he spent a few hours sharpening one of his chain saws.

Hey, bro and parents, wherever you are, thanks for the garage!

P.S. Brimley-style errands? Four Seasons grocery, Dancing Crane, Mark’s Tire, post office, and Besteman’s garage for maple syrup. Not necessarily in that order. You can get a lot done in the little burg of Brimley. Actually Besteman’s is technically Rudyard but who’s counting?

One Response to “We have a garage”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a perfect multi-purpose space!