Home safe

I hate driving days, especially when my precious beach urchins are the ones doing the driving and I am left to await their safe arrival, five hours down (or up) the I75 SUV Speedway.

All three of them left this morning, traveling in two cars to The Planet Ann Arbor, leaving at different times with two in one vee-hickle and one in the other. The three are my two daughters and my niece, who is like a daughter to me. What threatened to add to the stress was that one of the taaars on Pengo’s rental car had been experiencing fluctuating pressure. These “kiddos” are all sharp cookies and they stopped at Mark’s Tires to check it out yesterday. Mark’s found a screw embedded in the taaaar and fixed it and all was well.

Anyway they are all down on the Planet tonight and I miss them greatly up here at the moomin. These gals are all wonderful creative cooks and they took care of us well. I managed breakfast (bacon and hash browns, make yer own egg, etc.) plus FinFam Steak Dinner for our anniversary and a leftover night on Thursday when they were tired and discombobulated after a day of hiking and there was plenty of leftover food.

Their plan was to leave mid/late morning today but they all needed to pack so I made myself scarce, going to town to pick up a few grocks, return umpteen bazillion cans/bottles, and drop off a load of recycle. “Stay outta the fray” continues to be a good mantra for a mom/aunt of 30-somethings. I remember when I was a similar age and trying to pack myself and the beach urchins up to go home from the moomin. The Commander would hover, trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything, which of course caused me to forget things because it distracted me. Eventually I came up with a strategy in which I would hand her a grocery bag into which she could put items she thought I might forget and that pretty much worked and reduced stress. I am not a hover-er. I don’t think! I’m sure I have my moments.

Anyway they are all gone today and I am alone with the GG and I miss my kiddos.

One Response to “Home safe”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those times together are to be treasured. I would love to spend even a few days with both daughters but OD has disowned YD, so that isn’t in the near future. Or ever? Sniff.