Level set

Sort of anyway. I did MEGA laundry this morning. And I did not do it all because lizard breath took sheets down to her house to wash. The GG and I do not personally use sheets up here any more. We have comfortable sleeping bags and we sleep in those. But guests need sheets. Anyway I appreciated not having to deal with the sheets. (I also cleaned out the refrigimatator, not that it needed it, I just needed to reacquaint myself with its contents.)

I had a laundry “helper” today. Last night the GG was all, “Do you want me to come with you?” My gut reaction was “NO!” because I ALWAYS do the moominbeach laundry by myself these days. But then. I woke up this morning and I thought what the heck, it’s Sunday and I am not in a big rush to do anything much (i.e., no work or anything). So I texted him (he was still asleep in the Lyme Lounge) and told him if he was still interested he was welcome. We had some coffee first.

The laundromat itself was weird today because when we got there (still waaaay on the early side), there were all kinds of big pickup trucks in the parking lot and men doing their laundry. That seemed weird to me because usually it’s only me and a couple other patrons. Fortunately it wasn’t crowded INSIDE. Eventually I overheard a man telling a fellow patron that he was on the crew that is building a new lock (Soo Locks, google it if you don’t know what it is). So I figure that since today is on the weekend, the workers have the day off and some were doing laundry. DISCLAIMERS: 1) There are ALWAYS men doing laundry there and 2) I’m sure women also work on the new lock prodject.

BTW: Someone once asked me if I was “excited” (or something) that the Orange Baboon was building a new lock. Say what? This lock has been in the works for MANY years, waaaay before The Former Guy took office. As he does, he was just trying to take credit for something he had next to nothing to do with. In fact I’m gonna guess he doesn’t even know what the Soo Locks is. Grifting along…

Of perhaps greater interest than a trip to the Up North Laundry is that we had a BEAR SIGHTING on the way into town! A bear ran across Six Mile in front of us, rambled around in a farmyard for a few minutes, then ran BACK across. I DID NOT GET A PIC! I could’ve probably done it as it made its return trip but I was sorta gobsmacked and didn’t manage it. It was a small bear but we THINK a little bigger than this year’s crop. We did not see a mama. Yearling? I dunno…

So you’ll have to be satisfied with this pic of Laundry Man. He was actually helpful although I have my own “system” and mostly told him to sit and read. Bored with that, he took a wee walk and found the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie having breakfast at his main restaurant, Frank’s.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I would love to hear how 45 would explain what locks do since he doesn’t even know what a DQ Blizzard is! I do not like bears or the thought of them that close to me.