Sod and seawalls are not progress

This is not a particularly exciting photo but I saw this deer print on my 0-skunk-30 beach walk today. Deer are not uncommon on our beach but we don’t often see them and I did not see this one.

I didn’t quiiiite make to the very end of the beach. The neighbors at the very last lot have cut down their forest and installed SOD(!!!) and I could see someone watering it this morning. I did not want to talk to them. SOD??? Noooooooo! I used to be able to walk to the end of the beach and there was NO ONE THERE! And no dad-blasted frickin’ road for anyone to get there.

Today was my last work day before my next vacation and it was not a very productive day. A meeting got canceled and I was happy about that because about half of the important “players” are off this week and we really need as many folks to be there as possible. In the end I kept an eye on my work laptop but spent the afternoon reading. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. (Seed, a book in which a black hole is a character.)

We subjected our neighbor-cousins to porterization in the late afternoon and that was enough socialization for me that I had to chill out for a good half hour before ringing the dinner bell. No work tomorrow, at least nothing I’ll get paid for. Laundry, grocks, recycle, garbage, and I dunno what else. The GG did a bunch of vacuuming tonight. It needed it even though there are no dogz here any more. Sand, pine needles, and other outdoor detritus.

3 Responses to “Sod and seawalls are not progress”

  1. L4827 Says:

    It was a beautiful evening, the best! Fun to fill up the beach umbrella!

  2. Margaret Says:

    We used to camp in a place called Carlyon Beach back when there were many who brought tents and trailers to various properties. Then people realized what a beautiful place it was and started building McMansions everywhere. Now I doubt that there is any rustic left in that area. I echo your sentiment about the sod. It’s not the kind of change I like to see.

  3. Paulette Says:

    OMG. Sod? Really?