This is not the cruise ship Viking Octantis

The Viking Octantis went down this afternoon. (Er, downRIVER, I mean, it didn’t SINK!) I was joking last week that I spent beaucoup bucks on filet mignon for our anniversary. I mean we couldda spent $12,000 (per person) to cruise Gitchee Gumee on the Octantis, right? That is a lot more than a few hundred bucks of filet mignon for 12 people. To be fair, the $12,000 price tag is for a very large fancy room. There are a few rooms that have almost as much square footage as our house. Smaller rooms are available at more like $5000 per person and probably more to our liking.

I have never taken a cruise but I am pretty sure I am not a cruise kind of person. Certainly I would NOT be happy on one of those huge top-heavy-looking Disney-type botes that cruise the Caribbean. Too many people. Norovirus [and covid, which isn’t over yet] and all kinds of other crapola. Cramped rooms. Crowded swimming pools. Yuck. And waaaay more food than I like to eat. Plus you are pretty much trapped on the ship until it comes into a port. You can’t just get in your vee-hickle and take a little drive somewhere. Or build a little campfire at the end of the day. And what about the pirates? You know, the pirates of the Caribbean🐽

Still, the idea of cruising Gitchee Gumee is entertaining and the Octantis looks a little more “friendly” to an introvert who likes to party but likes to party QUIETLY. Will we ever do it? Probably not but we’ll see. For now we’ll get along with our little motor botes.

2 Responses to “This is not the cruise ship Viking Octantis”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am torn on the idea of taking a cruise for all the downsides that you mention. Plus another one for me is that I get seasick. Everyone says, OH, but you won’t on a big ship. But can they guarantee that?

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Yep, you summed up nicely why cruises and I will never meet. Petri dish! And you didn’t mention rogue waves.