Rolling thunder

We were hanging out on the moomindeck last night when a big thunderstorm (or two?) rolled through. There was thunder rumbling along for a steady 20 minutes (or it seemed that long, I wasn’t really keeping track) before the skies opened up. Hail and LOTS of rain ensued.

We needed that and then we woke up to a 60-something degree day complete with a moderate nor’wester – that means the waves are coming in and breaking onto the beach. I spent the day chilling in the Lyme Lounge with html and the gnarliest old-skool javascript on earth. Chilling in two ways. One is that coding is (usually) a zen activity for me. Two is that it was CHILLY out there today. I wore a polar fleece jacket and socks all day.

Why don’t I revamp the gnarly old javascript? Because it doesn’t do anything REAL, just drives the navigation menus on our high-fidelity product prototype. Revamping it would not be a productive use of my time. As long as I understand how it works, I just continue to maintain it. And I DO understand how it works but I still get tangled up in it from time to time. It doesn’t take much to break it. But then I get to do some debugging and that is (usually) fun.

Haha, today the GG asked me if I wanted to learn how to sharpen his chainsaw. My reply? I can’t even figger out how to open the Lyme Lounge window. Do you REALLY want me anywhere near your chainsaw? Answer? No, I guess not. (Actually I did finally figger out the window but I’ll probably forget it over the winter.)

One Response to “Rolling thunder”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are a problem solver and like the challenge. I wish I were more like you! 60 is cold for me too–jacket weather.