Blow by blow

Today. It was raining when I woke up and I so love hanging around in bed in the early morning rain that I didn’t drag myself into a vertical position until not too long before seven. Coffee on the deck and simple breakfast. Eventually the GG went to hike the rail grade to Brimley and UKW to Meijer for grocks.

I went to pick up the GG at Jack’s Grub and Pub and then we went on a reconnaissance mission over off the Old Brimley Grade Road to look for blueberries. Did we find any? Mostly not ripe yet. We’ll be back though. I did not get any butts up blueberry picking DNA but UKW has it in spades and so does the GG.

I was never really cold today but I did wear my polar fleece jacket for coffee on the deck this morning. When we got back from our blueberry reconnaissance mission it was getting hot and UKW and I took a dip in Gitchee Gumee. My first for the year. Actually I took a dip, she swam some laps.

During this, the GG was out in the Motor Bote – he was out there for two hours. When he returned, UKW proposed a beer bote trip for the three of us. In the time it took me and UKW to go up to the cabin to get beer, binoculars, and a ziplock for my iPhone, the sky turned DARK and we heard a rumble of thunder. The GG had checked the weather by then and saw severe storms in the area. We decided to abandon the plan to take out the METAL BOTE and watch whatever storm ended up rolling through, which ended up being nothing.

BBQ chicken, rice, and salad for dinner and now chilling out for the evening as the wind ramps up again.

One Response to “Blow by blow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo! Rain sounds very good to me right now although I shouldn’t complain about sun and 80s.