Crepuscular rays

After another community dinner, a couple of beach urchins (of different generations) went swimming. I did not join them. Instead I kibbitzed with a cousin about the local area polly-ticks. Hint: he is immersed in MAGAts here, most of the folks I know here are NOT MAGAts. I do agree that education has not helped a lot of people in this economically challenged area but I would more likely target their life circumstances. Education is largely what you make of it. I know this area better than my beloved cousin may think I do because I grew up here and went to school with many folk who came from very disadvantaged backgrounds. I even dated a few in my misspent youth and don’t get me wrong, they were NOT bad people.

But not to get into polly-ticks too deeply tonight. None of us have comprehensive solutions to these complex situations. So we went down to the beach to watch the swimmers (UKW and Lizard Breath). They are in this pic of crepuscular rays (Jesus beams🤣) but you have to embiggen a couple times and even then all you can see is their heads.

A few minutes later, this bote, the Stewart Cort, was upbound. I’m not sure if you can see the swimmers in this or not. This was the first 1000 foot lake freighter and I remember the first time we saw it go upbound. If I have it right, it remains the ONLY 1000 footer to have cabins both fore and aft.

The swimmers came in and we all sat there for quite a while after as a storm approached. Although we saw some lightning in the distance and felt a few drops of rain, it seems likely that the bulk of the storms will miss us.

G’night, KW🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Politics is such a touchy subject these days, even among friends and family. I don’t bring it up with my brother at all.