Watching Outlander and lightning

Another day, another cousin party. Several cousins arrived in the middle of the night and another arrived late this afternoon. Our cast of characters constantly varies.

This young kayaker is a force of nature, a lot like her grandma. She is working on talking but also communicates with sign language. I wish my generation had known to teach sign language to our children. We’d have been able to communicate with them so much more easily. One of my children was speaking English sentences fluently by 18 months but in general babies take a bit longer learning how to make intelligible speech even though they know all kinds of things so much earlier. My kid was an outlier on that particular slice of the learning spectrum.

I started my day at the grokkery store. Again. I spend a lot of time there, don’t I? I had a lot today so I elected to go through a staffed aisle and wouldn’t you know it there was a SPIDER in one of my reusable grock bags. Of course there was, since my bags hang on a hook OUTSIDE the cabin, which is in a FOREST. The bagging gals handled the situation with aplomb.

Home again and I made lasagna and garlic bread, picking away at it all throughout the day in between word games, chores, and reading. The GG took a bunch of cousins out to scout out blueberries. I told UKW she could NOT take her rental vee-hickle into that area and she didn’t disagree with me. The roads out there are filled with big sand traps and water holes and things. The GG has traveled those roads a lot over the years and knows them well. The Old Brimley Grade Road (where they didn’t go today) is fine for her rental car. Flat dirt roads without any water holes or anything.

I am babbling. It was a wonderful day and that is about all I have. I will watch Outlander again tonight but there is no lightning in the forecast, at least that I know of. That was last night.

Enough already, KW. End it!

One Response to “Watching Outlander and lightning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This post is delightful except for the spider! I love picking blueberries and eating a bunch while I do so. 🙂