Frog toy curation

Because my sleeping bag was starting to smell just a weeeee bit funky, I decided today was laundry day. I don’t mean it was gross enough that the smell would knock you over when you came within 10 feet of it. Just after I estimated how many nights I’ve slept in it this summer, it seemed like time. I bet the GG has slept in his more nights than I’ve slept in mine. TMI? 🐽

When I got to the laundromat, it was pouring rain and there was only ONE other person there. I don’t even think the owner was there. This person was not doing laundry. I could only guess he was taking shelter from the rain. Homeless? I do not know. I threw my laundry into a couple washers and vamoosed to go drop off the recycling. He was NOT threatening and I was NOT afraid of him but I couldn’t sit outside on the bench because pouring rain and I didn’t want to invite conversation of any kind with anyone. Although a little later I did discuss the iPhone warshing musheen payment app with a woman who came in and asked me how much the warshing musheens cost. She elected to get quarters instead.

Pickle’s for lunch. It was still raining cats and dogs so we sat inside in the fly room. It was fine and the one-piece whitefish basket continues to be my fave. Some of us felt slodgy all afternoon after that little feast. Eventually we reconvened for a late leftover dinner here at the moomin.

So these are Froooogy’s (and Frogette’s and Green Guy’s) latest toys, curated by our visiting toddler. She pulls these things off the bottom shelves of the moomincabin kitchen storage units. Glass things are above her reach. We have had to move the coffee table OUT of the cabin a few times to give her a better place to play with her friends. Not being a coffee table fan in general (you have to MOVE them to VACUUM!), I am a fan of its removal.

The rain stopped late this afternoon but the wind came up. We don’t mind this kind of weather but as this week’s visitors’ stay nears its end, I am hopeful that tomorrow is a beach day. I mean a real beach day where people can swim and bote, not just an “every day is a beach day” kind of thing.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sleeping bags do start to smell, not bad really, but fusty. I think it’s because they’re closed up so they don’t get a chance to air out. I hope for decent weather for your beach day!