Fee Fi Fo Fum

If I were anywhere else on earth and something came STOMPING across my deck earLYE in the morning, I would totally freak out.

The last two mornings (earLYE aka 7-ish), someone has come STOMPING across my deck. I knew EXACTLY who it was. It was the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchy and he is my cousin. Yesterday he dropped off some ancient maple syrup (unopened). Today it was to check out what his sister’s plans for the day were. At that hour it was all quiet in the next cabin over where his sister and family are staying. I did not know.

In the end, Lizard Breath and I schlepped into town for lunch at Penny’s Kitchen, grocks, Bella’s liqwire, and a menu from José’s. The Grinch treated us all to Mexican food from there tonight. We decided with the number of people we had (nine adults plus a toddler), that take-out was the best option and so we ate in the relative comfort of the moomincabin.

I tried to watch the next episode of Outlander last night but I had caught up and the next episode was not available until midnight. There was no way I was gonna wait until midnight for it to drop so if the streaming service wasn’t lying, I’ll watch it tonight.

One Response to “Fee Fi Fo Fum”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It can be much less stressful to do takeout. We’ve done it a number of times for family gatherings.