Beach day birthdays

The pic was early this morning before it all began. The view down at this end of the beach was a lot more beautiful up until a few years ago. There was an old disintegrating crib (rock dock) and a great big boulder you could climb up on. The neighbors down here have terraformed a lot of stuff since then. The crib ruins are practically non-existent now and I dunno where the big boulder is these days. It is NOT one of the boulders in the pic. Those have been moved to that location. Also many trees have been cut down. I wish more people could understand that more often than not, Mother Nature is a better artist than us humble little humans, especially when we try to recreate things using Mother Nature’s media.

Anyway it was an actual beach day, not one of those “every day is a beach day” beach days. Alas, our family toddler and her parents left for their home in the PACNW this morning. The moominbeach is their home too and we miss them.

There has been a party here at the moomin every night for the last week culminating in a birthday bash for two. UKW and Le Marquis. These folks are the same age as I am. Lizard Breath engineered Lebanese 7-spice Chicken (also a tofu version) and friends and UKW herself made raw blueberry pie. She would have preferred to pick her own berries but Mother Nature and Father Time didn’t cooperate so a trip to Meijer was necessary.

I did 75% of the dishes before taking a break to watch people swim and sail. The birthday girl herself helped me do the last 25% and we finished up in a big whooosh with the exception of one baking dish that I decreed would soak overnight.

There is one more party in store tomorrow night but it is happening at the Old Cabin rather than the moomin. I have greatly enjoyed EVERY SINGLE evening here but am looking forward to a wee break.

Love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Beach day birthdays”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a lovely day! I dislike the tree cutting, being a big fan of leaving nature alone as much as possible. What is raw blueberry pie?

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    For the life of me, I cannot begin to figure out the locale of this photo. Saddens my heart to think of what has become of the end of the beach. Coming back to the beach tomorrow after long family visit in Ohhiya.