New roommate

This morning I [sadly] said goodbye to my roommate of the last week or so, my elder daughter Lizard Breath. The first year we came up here with her, she was nine months old and she and I slept together in the bottom bunk of the bunk bed my brother and I shared as children. Easy feeding if you catch my drift.

Fast forward more years than I am strong enough to count… That baby has turned into some sort of wonder woman and it was soooo much fun to be with her. As things worked out this week, only the two of us were staying at the moomincabin so there was plenty of space. And just… I think we get along pretty darn good as adult mother and daughter. So I was sad to see her leave today, although I knew she had to, and was glad to know she landed safely on The Planet Ann Arbor this afternoon. Not to mention that she is living in the same town that I do so I will be able to see her again soon when I make my own return trip.

Just before she left, an unfamiliar vee-hickle (or so I thought, haha) drove in. The neighbor-cousins were hanging out with me on the moomindeck and they were the first to notice that Mooon Yooonit had “droven in”. That is the GG’s car. Say what? The last time I had talked to the GG he was hedging about coming up here at all, babbling about water heater issues at Hoton Lake. So I didn’t expect him. I had wanted him to come back up to the moomin but was hoping to have a couple of days here alone. Oh well. So he is my new roommate and all is good.

Oh yeah. I did not have to cook or do dishes tonight! We were treated to excellent food at the Old Cabin. I don’t think I can credit any one person as it seemed like a joint effort. I’ll be happily back in the saddle again tomorrow although at least for a few days, it’ll probably just be the two of us working on leftovers, etc.

Love y’all and g’night, KW!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have great relationships with adult children. One of mine is a work in progress and I’m hoping it will continue to improve.