Party’s over (for now)

I knew UKW had an uber early departure this morning. Although she did not want to wake anyone up, I did wake long enough to see her leave although I didn’t let her know, just watched from the window. It is now pitch black at 5-ish in the morning. Earlier in the summer it was pretty light by that time. This morning I had to use my iPhone flashlight to get to the water closet without ramming into or tripping over anything.

Much later when I was officially up and moving around, she texted to say that an engine had sucked in a bird the night before so her flight was delayed while they checked it out. An event like that may or may not be a big deal in an airport like Detroit Metro or SeaTac. In Sault Ste. Siberia, only one(?) passenger plane comes in and out per day and if your early morning flight is delayed, it is a crap shoot as to whether you will reach your destination that day, especially if there is a connecting flight and there usually is unless you are just going to Detroit.

Early on, her alternate flight plan involved more than one layover and a detour through LA but she made it to Detroit and after a false start there, she eventually texted that she was back in Seattle, meaning she would probably make it home to the San Juans tonight.

I was kind of exhausted today – in a good way – but I went back to work, from the Lyme Lounge. And I have begun to work on “resetting” the refrigerator. Can we get through the rest of the week without getting more grocks? Probably not. More recycling and more garbage and one laundromat trip are also in my future. It never ends… … …

One Response to “Party’s over (for now)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been on connecting flights that only had one per day–like to Senegal from NYC (or Atlanta one time). It’s stressful to miss it!