Bath water

At the end of the day, after work, I joined the GG on the moominbench. It was soooo hot down there!!! I decamped to get my bathing costume on and man oh man, I walked into our Lake Superior waters until I was up to my neck. And then I DUNKED! It isn’t always easy to get yourself totally immersed in the waters on our beach but today it was felt almost like bath water, at least compared to the last couple weeks. It was refreshing enough that I was able to sit on the moominbench for a bit without feeling hot.

Our bay on the upper Saint Marys River just before the river mouth where we open up into Whitefish Bay and Lake Superior is a wonderful place to swim. Along the shore we have a sandbar system with two sandbars that allow anyone beyond toddler height to swim where the water depth is not over their head. Beyond the second sandbar, the depth increases gradually but doesn’t go below 12-13 feet until after the island (which is not in the pic).

After dinner we went back to the beach and this pic is of my cousin’s child and his significant other taking off into the sunset in his sailboat. They live in NYC but they love this place and we love to connect with them here.

One Response to “Bath water”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo, very idyllic! We’re in the 70s now and even had some rain. Woot!