Stormy weather

We had a rainy if not terribly stormy day here on the moominbeach. The GG took a (metal) motor bote out this morning. He was out in the shipping channel when I called him to say I had heard thunder. I don’t think he could have heard it over the motor noise. He did not mess around and headed back to the beach directly.

We had rain off and on, some of it fairly heavy but nothing in the way of storms, just rumbly thunder. Down on the Planet Ann Arbor? The tornado sirens blew, prompting a long discussion on next door neighbor about why they blew when there was no tornado and various other esoteric questions.

My friends, the reason the “tornado” sirens blew is because a short but INTENSE storm blew through. There was NO TORNADO! BUT! The power is out all over the place including my house, The Landfill, and trees are down everywhere. The Plum Market CLOSED AT 5:00 PM! That allowed my grock worker to leave early, which gave her time to check out The Landfill. Fortunately everything looked okay, meaning no trees were down.

Le Marquis treated us to dinner at Wicked Sister. He had wanted to take us out earlier in the month after our anniversary FinFam Steak Dinner but the moomincabin was slammed with people that week so it didn’t really work out. Tonight was lovely. It was us and Le Marquis (his wife my cousin Pooh is in Ann Arbor for a bit) and his older son and lovely significant other were also with us.

I love Wicked Sister. Its previous incarnation was Benoit’s Gin Mill, which was a Dive Bar and me, UKW, and Radical Betty witnessed the faaaar that heavily damaged it. Out of those ashes rose Wicked Sister. It’s a totally different place but I hear tell that a bartender from the Gin Mill now works for Wicked Sister. Yay for him!

One Response to “Stormy weather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We occasionally get a freak summer storm, but not this summer so far! Yikes. It sounds like a lovely dinner although I’m always curious about what everyone orders. 🙂