Sluggin’ around

My house on The Planet Ann Arbor is still without power. This morning my mouse moved some packages of meat and three ziplock bags of peas from the freezer to a safe place. I was concerned about the peas because I personally shelled all of those peas myself. What a tragedy it would have been to lose them.

Beyond the peas I couldn’t remember anything except for some fancy pork chops from Sparrow. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose those but it was a small amount of meat. Then. This afternoon, I suddenly remembered that I had a whole crapload of COPPER RIVER SALMON in the freezer. Man oh man, losing that would have been a tragedy. And ssssh, don’t tell the GG about my recklessness!

Why did I not bring that stuff up here with me? I’m not sure exactly. We have some non fish eaters and I didn’t exactly have a plan for most of it. I knew that when UKW was here she would be brimming with ideas about how to feed people and I kinda wanted to stay outta that fray as much as possible except as a support person / dishwasher. In any case, my mouse saved the day by rescuing the contents of my freezer and you can bet I will be using up that stuff PDQ when we land back on the planet.

We cooked the rest of our anniversary filets tonight. The ones that didn’t fit on the grill on our anniversary. So here is the GG hanging out by the grill. The MOE-skee-TOES have not been all that bad lately but they were somewhat bothersome tonight. Other than that, it was a pretty hot day (for here) but only in the low 80s and a late afternoon swim in Gitchee Gumee cooled me off right good.

One Response to “Sluggin’ around”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Still no power? Geeze! That’s very fortunate that M. could save the day. (and the meat and peas!)