Far flung

You won’t see me post many pics of this order of insects. That is because I have a weird but not really uncommon phobia. This particular specimen does not freak me out. Except that I don’t really like ANYTHING that flutters. Except birds as long as they are not fluttering around my head.

This is a mouse photooo, taken at the moominbeach I think or maybe Betchler Lakes (which don’t look like lakes). She hiked there with BUGLVR today. Actually she didn’t hike with BUGLVR, just encountered a vee-hickle with that license plate in the parking lot. Makes you feel comfortable about solo hiking. Except maybe for bears. So my mouse is at the moomincabin. That’s one far flung one.

Lizard Breath texted from Daytwa Metro today, “At the airport”. Okaaaaay. I wasn’t exactly sure where she was going but since she was going to visit her lifelong friend (since middle school), I figgered San Fran and when I got the landed at SFO text, my hunch proved to be true. Far flung number two.

The GG? He is at a 50th high school reunion “meet-and-greet” at a barrroooom somewhere over in Royal Joke or wherever. I am not there thank the gods. He may or may not come home tonight. I don’t expect him to drink anywhere near too much to drive but it will be fine with me if he stays at his nephew’s house tonight. Not-so-far flung number three.

I don’t really like reunions that much. His are hard for me in particular because he is always there with his identical twin brother and they are on their “game” and I just get taaaared and wanna go home and go to bed… I missed my 50th last summer. I had sorta planned to go and paid for it and all. In the end, after a summer of traveling up and down the I75 SUV Speedway, I didn’t have it in me. I DM’d The Beautiful Mimi and told her everything was absolutely fine but I would miss out and they could keep my money. Of course it ended up being a COVID spreader😵‍💫 I was not surprised.

Yes, the GG and I are in different graduating classes and he’s one behind me. We were born the same year (I am a few months older). But whereas I was known by some as “the brain of Lincoln School” (I HATED THAT MONIKER!), he and his identical twin were “loved” so much by one of their grade school nuns that she wanted them back for another year. That was sarcasm and the Twinz of Terror are both uber smart despite the fact that their father once told me twins were born with half brains. Well, they are smart except for politics🐽🐽🐽.

One Response to “Far flung”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I usually end up working on the reunions so I feel like I have to go. Sometimes I’m not in the mood!