Bartender, can I have a manhattan?

In my back yard? Why yes of course.

It was one of our moominbeach cousin neighbors asking if they could come over. They have been here on the Planet off and on for a while, notably this week. Taking care of an elder member of the family. I keep reminding them (probably annoyingly) that when I was in the midst of this kind of journey with my mother, I was 10 years younger than we all are now. A weird little perk of being born to what was in those days an older mother. She was 33 when I was born. I was her first of two and my brother (her favorite🤣) died way too young.

There are lots of stories about all that of course but tonight’s story was that my cousins were a bit weary and my back yard is a great place to sip a cocktail on a day like today. Hot but not too hot. We were gonna eat leftovers for dinner but their plans to meet a sibling and family for dinner kind of fell through so they ended up seeking dinner out with us instead. First choice was HOMES but that WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD was SLAMMED with cars so we went with Plan B, which was the Session Room. We hit Sessions just as they had cleared out (60-person party on the patio?). Parking was easy and there was plenty of space on the patio. Salmon BLT with avocado for me and it was small enough that I didn’t need a box.

I’m not sure anyone ever said Mr. Musk is a good graphic designer. I mean where did he come up with that “X”? But if you embiggen a couple times you might be able to make out “Tesla” on the building across the street. That place used to belong to a friend of a friend. It was a bowling alley then, a very popular one.

G’night, KW.

One Response to “Bartender, can I have a manhattan?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you could get out for a dinner and I like your choice!