Purple haze

Bidenomics? Are they better or worse than whatever the Orange Baboon did? The stock market goes up. The stock market goes down. The wheels on the bus go up and down. Life is like a river. Etc. Etc. Etc.

How much influence does the American president REALLY have on the stock market? I don’t believe he (and they have all been male in history) does much of jack-doodly to influence the stock market. The president may make a policy or two that end up TWEAKING it but the whole thing is kind of a crap shoot subject to umpteen bazillion outside forces.

Like covid 19. I dunno, did the market index go up or down during covid? I’m thinking down. So did the Orange Baboon really raise the stock market to astronomical heights? Maybe for a while but at what cost? And what did Biden inherit from the OB? A covid-ravaged economy? There seem to be a lot of folks out there who think covid is done. They are forgetting how scary it was when it first reached our shores. PEOPLE DID DIE. MANY OF THEM. Businesses closed if they couldn’t adapt to covid-related changes. People lost their jobs. “WE” had no clue about how to manage covid and in part thanks to an incompetent (yes) president, our health organizations were not helpful. Let’s just shine a light up into [where, anus?]. It’ll be almost like a cleaning. Word salad anyone? Why didn’t the CDC try to put an end to that nonsense? The OB was NOT a king after all.

I have never played the stock market. For one thing I don’t understand it very well. It seems like a crap shoot to me. One time I was gifted some family bank stock. My parents thought it was a wonderful gift but it immediately tanked into nothingness. It was like the ONE time I played slot musheens at a casino. The GG gave me $20 and I put it in and TOTALLY lost it within about 20 minutes. Never again and that’s why I don’t mess with the stock market.

I am a successful failure. That means I am not a bazillionaire but I am pretty darn comfortable. The main key to being a successful failure is to always live within your means and that’s what we do. I do splurge on grocks (shhhh, don’t tell the GG).

2 Responses to “Purple haze”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    Yeah, I agree with you on stock market and presidents. Very hard to show cause and effect. Ditto for covid. Economics isn’t a science and isn’t an art and is more a game of chance. Unfortunately, my head is so knotted up about the OB that I’m relying on you, yes you, to keep your husband and BIL away from the voting booths in Nov 2024. Michigan’s a pretty important state, along with a handful of others. Those 2 votes may make a difference. So you have your work cut out for you! I’m counting on those 2 non-votes.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I just want someone sane, thoughtful, intelligent, caring and problem-solving in the WH. Tough also. The stock market did react to several of 45’s outrageous pronouncements. (went down) It is a volatile entity and any kind of rumors of instability can cause a lack of confidence and a sell off. I have quite a few securities which pay me a nice dividend so I do watch what’s going on although not obsessively. As my grandfather used to say, “It’s not real money until you sell it.” It’s all on paper. My brother doesn’t get that. “We lost $50,000 today!” Well, no we didn’t really.