Word salad

I can’t really comment that much on the indictments. I suspect the Orange Baboon will weasel out of them somehow. The Orange Weasel? That gives the aminal weasel a bad name. Whatever.

I knew we (as a country) were in trouble after the OB got elected back in 2016. It was way pre-covid and we were having a birthday dinner at Weber’s with some friends of ours. I tried to talk about the word salad way of talking of the person our country (but not me) had just elected to the office of president. Crickets. No one seemed to care? No one seemed to agree with me?

I was thinking can y’all listen to this idjit talk and think he actually knows something about ANYTHING? I mean besides himself. Yaaaaaarrgh! I’m sure the phrase Word Salad has been used by others besides me since 2016 but it was THIS YEAR that I actually encountered it. Not that I always make total sense when speaking but then I AM NOT A PUBLIC OFFICIAL, MUCH LESS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And I at least TRY. I don’t just open my mouth and let my brain spew random shit out.

To answer the question “Jim Beam?” Well. The Sault Meijer was out of Ten High for umpteen bazillion days and we had ‘hattan drinking folks at the moomincabin so I upped my grade from “well bourbon” (Ten High is typical) to Jimmy Beam. I blame the outage on the fact that the Big Mac bridge was apparently backed up for MILES below the straits MANY days during July even during the week. The yooperland thrives on tourism but this is waaaaay too many people in my opinion. I have vague memories of crossing on ferries before the Mackinac Bridge. No way could that number of people have crowded into the yooperland in those days.

Flinging today? Nuttin’

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  1. Margaret Says:

    So many don’t seem to care that the president of the U.S. doesn’t know much about anything, is a narcissist and grifter, lies about mostly everything and has no morals or scruples. It’s frighteningly tragic.