I kinda wanted to write about Barbie today. I haven’t seen the movie and won’t until I can download it onto my phone. Nevertheless, I am pretty intrigued. I’ll write about Barbie before and/or after I watch the movie. I will probably not wear pink no matter what.

What is bothering me is the big black/white X that has replaced my twitter bird. I was an early enough Twitter adopter (2007 when I got my first iPhone) that I was able to grab @kayakwoman as a handle. In the beginning I did not friend people but a bunch of guy-type folks friended me. Eventually my kids found me out (which was okay!) and then I became friends with various people I actually knew in real life and we actually tweeted for a while. One time we were driving to our sister Kathy’s house for the cFam xmas party and we were in an ice storm and one of her sons was tweeting who had arrived and who had bagged it and how the roads were, etc.

It wasn’t too many years later that I migrated from tweeting to friends and followers to using Twitter as a news aggregator. I do remember once when the Commander was (unhappily) in a rehab facility. We were having a “ruff” day and as I exited the facility for lunch or whatever, I tweeted “FML”. That alerted the then SanFran daughter to check in on me. I WAS OKAY.

I can’t remember the last time I actually tweeted something. I’m not sure anyone is even following me any more. But I still use it to check on news and a few other things. So why am I so pissed off that Mr. Musk has changed my familiar little blue bird into an X. I dunno. I guess I am just sick and taarred of rich assholes imposing their values (if you can call them values) on little people like me. And yes he is an asshole. Yeah, he is rich and can do what the f*ck he wants. Sad that he doesn’t seem to care what his USERS want. The whole thing about paying for “verification” makes my head explode.

I’ll talk about Barbie some other day. The doll and eventually the movie when I get around to watching it. My opinions about Barbie are much more mellow than my opinions about Mr. Melon.

Today’s fling: 1) The box my Keurig musheen came in last xmas. Why are we saving that again? I suppose it was in case the musheen failed and we had to send it back? It didn’t fail. The box is in the recycle now. Kudos to Keurig for packing it with cardboard buffers instead of styrofoam. 2) A small Plum Market grock bag is half full of “jewelry” and ready for Kiwanis on Saturday. Nothing expensive or sentimental. Stuff I bought for myself and didn’t wear because, y’know, I don’t really wear jewelry. I’m keeping earrings even though I don’t really wear them any more.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t tweet but I do go on there to check up on others. At first, I didn’t want to see Barbie and now I do. Not in pink though. I don’t think I even own any!