Life at the Landfill

I didn’t actually come up with “Life at the Landfill”. Umpteen bazillion years ago I read an article about folks who self-published mini-‘zines. On paper, I mean. I was intrigued, enough to experiment with the idea a bit when the beach urchins were young. It wasn’t really something I could sustain, plus I figgered the friends and family members I sent it to would get pretty damn bored pretty damn quick.

But one of the ‘zine’s was written by a guy who worked at a dump (if I’m not misremembering). I think his ‘zine was called “Life at the Landfill”. I looked around MY landfill and yes, I usurped his title for my own various purposes.

Driving home from the yooperland on a Saturday turns out to be a good thing, except for the fact that I had some trouble remembering which day is was. I was dead taaarrred last night and didn’t sleep very well because it was hotter than I’m now used to. Although not ANYWHERE NEAR as hot as a lot of summer nights are. Someone insisted on turning on the central A/C yesterday afternoon which in my opinion did not help with this. I’m not sure why. The good news is the not-very-hot weather cooled down toward morning.

I woke up refreshed, drank my coffee out in the back yard with word puzzles and the Merlin bird ID app and managed to tink away at laundry and other chores. That included spraying down the outside of this FILTHY grill and giving it a light washing. The GG was not impressed but my goal was to get rid of the pollen and other detritus enough that I could put a GLASS down on it. The GG dealt with the Bud cans in the corner. Those are a function of FlaMan although we contributed a few beer cans too.

Late this afternoon I found myself sitting in the Landfill Dungeon trying to figger out how to deal with the mess. At a glance it looks like Hoarder Central down there although it is a WEEEE bit more organized. Except for the cardboard box (banker’s box size) that contained 1) an empty beer can and 2) a small piece of random waste plastic. Why? I am looking for empty boxes so I EMPTIED that one. I can see that if I want to jump-start the flinging progress, I am going to have to take the lead. Much like I did when I began my first pass at flinging, maybe 20 years ago?

One Response to “Life at the Landfill”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have quite a collection of various things in my house, most of them reasonably well-hidden. But I know they’re there and would like to force myself to deal with them.